HIE-in-a-Box™ | First Health Information Exchange in a box


A new era in Health Information Exchange has just began and MISYS is leading the way...

With HIE-in-a-Box™ getting an Health Information Exchange for your Hospital/community has never been easier. Designed by the innovation group at Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS), HIE-in-a-Box™ is targeted at mid-tier and smaller hospitals, which need to provide connectivity to their community providers and labs but don't have millions of dollars to invest. The solution will help the organization meet meaningful use Stage 2 requirements in support of their interoperability requirements, but it also positions the enterpise for coordination-of-care services, and introduces efficiency to healthcare delivery in their community.


What's included in the offering?

HIE-in-a-Box™ has everything you need for patient clinical information exchange. Components included in the offering include:

  • Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI)
  • Patient consent management services
  • Record Locator Service (RLS)
  • Document repository
  • Clinical data repository (CDR) with allergies, meds, labs, and immunizations
  • Clinical portal for longitudinal patient record display
  • Secure messaging with basic referral management capability
  • Policy engine with opt-in/opt-out and 'break-the-glass' options
  • Complete HIE administration
  • Full auditing capabilities with security audit trial reporting

Optional features include electronic prescription, workflow management, rules engine, lab order management, radiology results viewing, PACS integration, reporting, care coordination capabilities, and custom integration services.


Why Misys Connect™ HIE-in-a-Box™ ?

Simply put,  we'll provide all you need - not more, not less...

  • Simple and low-cost pricing
  • Rapid and fully managed deployment and operations support
  • Built with modern technologies and IHE standard profiles
  • Always get comprehensive longitudinal patient records
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant


HIE-in-a-Box™ At-a-Glance

Delivery Option:
Onsite or cloud


Target EHR/HIS Systems:

• Any system that can produce an ADT feed for patient registration, medical summaries in standard CCD (C32 or XDS.b) compliant formats, and HL7 messages for discrete data.

• Custom interfaces can be provided for non-standard EHR/HIS systems


Documents may begin to be shared within 2 weeks of agreed start date.


Everything you need for patient clinical information exchange


How it works?

HIE-in-a-Box™ has all of the components required to provide a longitudinal health record to community providers. The “community” systems feed patient information to the HIE over secure communication protocols (e.g., LLP over SSL, TLS). They can also query and import documents, depending on their capabilities. Authorized providers may view the longitudinal patient record. Patient permission to share information is based on the governance of the exchange, and supported by the MOSS policy engine.