We gather customer requirements using established Business Process Reengineering tools and align our customers' objectives to established business requirements. Not only do our business analysts have deep healthcare experience and understand both the hospital and ambulatory care environments, they have received national recognition for running Health Information Exchanges.

Given the fact that there are often multiple stakeholders from various organizations, we begin our engagements by creating a governance structure using an established governance framework. This process facilitates the collection and evaluation of inputs, which we then use to create a communications plan.

Through transparency, we create trust—something of paramount importance in the successful rollout of any HIE. We also require that the customer be at the center of the process so that early ownership is assured and champions are born. Once inputs are collected, we gain concurrence on objectives using a balanced scorecard approach. We then align those objectives with the industry’s best practice approaches and map the requirements components in our asset toolbox using a fit/gap analysis method. The result is a plan to create a prototype solution. The cost estimate of this solution minimizes the up-front cost by leveraging open source technologies and developer licenses that demonstrate value to the various constituents.

Because the primary concern of HIEs is the creation of a sustainable business model, we work with our customers from the onset to develop the appropriate model, and work to negotiate relationships within their communities to support the funding of all exchange operations.

Having done our homework in the early stages of the project by creating working prototypes, we obtain early constituent support and investment, which will support our next phase of work—development.

Finally, because we’ve performed early risk analysis and associated risk mitigation through the creation of actual working demonstrations, our customers can move forward faster and more successfully.

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