The Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS), a healthcare division of Misys plc (LSE: MSY.L), is dedicated to supporting the missions and deliverables of Health Information Organizations (HIOs), by offering lower-cost interoperability solutions that are needed to create sustainable business plans and dramatically drive down the costs needed to reach operational maturity.

The Misys Connect™ Exchange, a core infrastructure for HIEs, built to be compliant with existing national standards, is the first fully open source ‘Health Information Exchange’ platform offered anywhere in the world. The software is offered under the commercially friendly Apache V2.0 License. Developed leveraging Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles for interoperability, the core components of Misys Connect™ Exchange, also support Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) guidelines. Today many of the vendors in the HIT market are using MOSS’s Open Source components and MOSS has one of the top downloads from the Open Health Tools Forge.

The Misys Connect™ Portal, is a health information exchange portal, that aggregates patient data received from a multitude of sources (e.g hospitals, provider offices, labs, radiology archives, etc) and is built on top of ‘Misys Connect™ Exchange’ infrastructure. The portal framework uses Health 2.0 technologies to create mashable environments that take advantage of pluggable, exposed services, which in turn provide value to the end user by leveraging a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The framework supports exchange of data in various formats including CCD, DICOM and HL7. It also includes a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) to store discrete data (e.g. labs, meds, etc.). The SOA architecture of MOSS platform provides the added benefit of plugging other value added clinical groupware components like data analytics, eReferrals, ePrescribing, lab orders, secure messaging and the like. Depending on what is needed here, we can work with other vendors who want to have access to the aggregated, normalized data to provide additional services. You can think of MOSS as the ‘on-ramp’ to data access nirvana. The Portal handles single-sign-on (SSO), patient-in-context, and roles-based access and orchestrates the various of applications that may be made available through the exchange. The next version of the Misys Connect™ Portal will also provide rules and workflow in support of coordination of care activities. Depending on what is needed by end users, the MOSS team will work with other vendors who want to have access to the aggregated, normalized data to provide additional services. Currently, the MOSS platform is running in a number of HIE installations in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida and serves as an exchange repository for millions of patient records.


MOSS Technical Architecture

Misys Connect Overview

MOSS White Paper on Misys Connect™ Exchange