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Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) was created as a separate entity inside the parent London-based Misys plc. Misys plc can trace its software and information technology heritage back 30 years. MOSS released its first code to the open source community on February 8, 2008, and received positive feedback for its efforts.

Listening carefully to our customers, we were told that the number one issue they were trying to solve was in the creation of the business model to support the HIO operations. They were asking for lower cost solutions and a way to demonstrate value to their users so they could charge for the use of their services.

Shortly after the creation of the open source community to build out the required IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) profiles, the Federal Government made its NHIN Connect code available to the world. This heralded announcement confirmed that the direction that MOSS had taken was correct as the Federal Government also chose to build the NHIN on the IHE profiles.

Going back to our customer again, they saw value in the use of the IHE profiles but were concerned about the complexity and cost to build and support them. Additionally, the profiles were continually changing.

Encouraged by this reinforcement by the Feds, MOSS began creating a strategy to create worldwide projects that would build the profiles in open source and provide them back to the community for free. This dramatically reduced the cost of the solution and eliminated the complexity assuming that MOSS would provide customer support.

Today our communities have build the first, open source, IHE standards based HIE in the world and all the code is available for free. All the profiles are certified at the IHE Connectathon each January.

On July 21, 2009, MOSS announced its initial major engagement to build the Hartford Hospital based HIE in Connecticut. The project includes MOSS consulting guidance and implementation of both the Misys Connect Exchange and Misys Connect Portal.

On July 18, 2011, MOSS received an international award as for the “Best use of open source technology in healthcare” in a competition sponsored by , and .

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